Behold, we live in a pandemic. One day the earth would collect all the suffering that the human being caused it. And while in the USA batman, superman and the avengers are confined, in Brazil a new hero has emerged. The Quarantine-man!
It's hard that he's not one of the smartest...
The First version was used in the first strips and coincidentally, I was doing a more in-depth study of Character Design at the time, it was then that as my study progressed, I felt the need to update the character, so this version on the right side was born.
And as the story progressed, the need for new characters emerged to compose the Quarantine-Man universe. So I created a master for him, after all all heroes learn from someone.
Then appears Master Elliot, a little man a bit mysterious at first, because his physique and personality do not match that of a Master. He's skinny and friendly, like a grandpa. But that's how it is until you get into action. The master is one of the most fun heroes to draw because of these character nuances.

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