The conception of the project "Clowns in the city" emerged from the research and performance of the clown Alison Andrei in the city of Ponta Grossa since 2017. Realizing the growing recognition and presence of clowns in the local cultural scene, Alison Andrei felt the desire to portray this art through drawings, expressing her particular look about this form of expression.
As a clown, Alison Andrei has lived several experiences, acting not only in theaters, but also as a cast member of the NGO that works in Hospital, Doutores Palhaços SOS Alegria. This interaction with patients, their families and health professionals awakened in Alison Andrei an understanding of the positive impact that the presence of clowns can bring in challenging times. This experience was the inspiration to portray clowning in different places and contexts, expressing its look through unique drawings.
Within the "Clowns in the city" project, Alison Andrei seeks to explore and highlight the diversity of clowning in Ponta Grossa. By portraying "Besteirologists" in hospitals, "Theatrologists" in theaters and circus clowns in circuses, the drawings capture the essence and charm of this secular art. Each work is an opportunity to convey the spirit of clowning, involving the public in a unique visual and emotional experience.
Through this project, Alison Andrei wants to highlight the importance of clowning as a cultural treasure in constant strengthening in the artistic scene of the city. The exhibition "O Olhar do Sim!" it is a way of celebrating 200 years of Ponta Grossa, honoring its history and valuing the contribution of clowning to the cultural enrichment of the region.
Combining her passion for clowning, her research and her work as a clown, Alison Andrei seeks to convey the essence of this art through her drawings. Each line and look portrayed represents an expression of love for clowning and for the city of Ponta Grossa. With joy and gratitude, Alison Andrei shares this conception and invites everyone to join in this celebration of art and culture in "O Olhar do Sim!".

Author: Alison Andrei
Year of realization: 2023
Language: Cartoon
Material: Digital Printed on canvas

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